Questioning my own sanity.


What can I do not to think I'm the one who needs help? My mom is so convincing about what I "said" or who came to visit or or what she "heard ". I'm thinking that I'm the one forgetting things !!!
I'm starting to write things down for my own sanity ! HELP!

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One of the things you can do is see a counselor. There is nothing wrong with your sanity, and having an objective professional assure you of that can really be helpful!

Another is to join a caregivers support group. It is useful to find you are definitely not alone, And when you get to the point where you can offer some answers to newcomers that will really help your confidence.

Oh, Beach, I know what you mean! My mom "knows" what she "saw" ( and interpreted in her own way and there is no convincing her otherwise. "I see" is a great mantra. "I'll look into that" is another. Don't get into debates with a dementia patient. There is a lot mom is still right about, but it doesn't mean that she doesn't need care and supervision. And yes, get respite!

Beach, it sounds like you need to have some regular respite. Do you have any help? Maybe you could get Mom to a day program or bring in an agency caregiver for a few hours a week. Stress causes all of us to forget things. Then add to it an elder that REALLY thinks they know what they are talking about, and tgere is nothing you can do to convince them otherwise is only going to compound your own stress and maybe some forgetfulness. So, get some time for yourself, and do not think that you are losing it, it happens to many of us.