Make sure you ask about these. What is procedure? What do you do? Show me the safe rooms. Show me the policy.

If they don't have one. Write it off as no go.

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Segoline, that is an excellent question to ask at a facility. I'll have to remember that.

And let me add, my mom is at end of life stage here. That she is a priority is important. To me. I am thankful.

I live in Oklahoma. Yesterday my mom, advanced ALZ, moved 4 times to safe room. She was a trooper all the way.

We saw the procedures actually last Saturday when we went up. And it was good to see in action.

As you know from national news, Oklahoma inundated by tornadoes. If tornado warning sounds, this facility moves the patients. I remember seeing nursing home patients in Katrina and Harvey. It was shameful.

I am glad this facility has this policy and I have seen it in action and spent time in safe room with 10 of her neighbors. This is a dedicated memory care facility. Each neighborhoid has 12. Rach neighborhoid has safe room

I was more than pleased.

My mother was evacuated last fall due to hurricane Florence in SC. It turned out to be very unnecessary. I know there is the "what if" question but in this case it was felt that the governor made a bad call with making evacuation mandatory. It was hard on the residents and facility but a positive outcome was that great care was shown to the residents by the host facility and all came through well although the overworked staff may have felt otherwise.

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