My Step Dad passed away 3 years ago, i moved back with my mom and stayed in her guest house, until she relocated to a smaller apartment. my mom will be 88 in a few months, in good physical condition, and only takes one pill a day for blood pressure. Due to an very very ugly probate, i was turned in 2 x for elder abuse, once was locking my mom in her house, and another time my mom was taking out a loan to help one of her grandchildren, and due to my mom transfering money in to my bank account to do her shopping, etc, the bank thought the money was for me and called the police and had a social worker come out. the social worker found my mom mentally fit. I do all my moms shopping, errands, driving, pay her bills, she can't shop as her knees are starting to give out, doctors appt, denist appt, hearing aid, hair cuts, pedicures etc. I have my mom spoiled, the probate was so ugly it went to trail and has really aged my mom. My mom will be getting her money soon from the probate, she wants to move out of state for one last adventure, and also wants to give me and her grand kids some money, but she is worried i will get in trouble again for elder abuse, i am very leary, as we feel like we did something wrong when we didn't. Mom is worried if we move out of state my brothers will turn me in once again for elder abuse for something, (they live far away) or her deceased husbands family who is fighting for her husband money will once again turn me in for elder abuse for something. Thank you for letting me vent, i am just loving an spoiling my momma, and will till the day she dies.

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