It may be a good idea to keep records of your caregiving, if your parents are leaving you more money than your sibling(s), that refuse to help out. I heard of a situation, where there was one daughter doing all of the caregiving for her elderly parents, and when the parents died, the other sister who did not help at all with caregiving, disputed the will saying she did indeed help with the caregiving. In other words, apparently the sister lied and said she did caregiving to get more money, and tried to blame it on her sister, saying her sister influenced the parents for more money. There was no way to prove it with the parents not living anymore. I think the case is still on-going and I don't know how it will turn out. I would suggest that you folks keep records, and, for example, if a neighbor visits you on such and such date, record it, as you may need this neighbor as a witness someday, to say that you were the only one there that day doing the caregiving. This could be very helpful someday, if a shady sibling ever tries to dispute the will. Does anyone know of any situations similar to the above? If so, I'd like to hear about it.

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Yeah, and I bet the non caregiving sister also claimed that the caregiver didn't allow her to visit her mother etc etc etc.

Caregiving is caregiving. Probate law is probate law. The two are not connected, and I am not clocking on or getting my time sheets signed in order to qualify for a greater inheritance than my siblings, whatever they may suspect me of.

Better yet, take a vow of Poverty and give it all to a worthy charity. Then there is nothing left to fight over. Amen.

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