1. Sleep for 8 wonderful uninterrupted hours
2. Tackle the garden without having to change in and out of wellingtons every other minute
3. Have a girls' night out with my friends
4. Have lunch with my more sober friends
5. Go to a movie
6. Cook and eat Indian food every day without "people" fainting at the smell
7. Deep clean my mother's rooms while she's not there to get twitchy about it
8. Take my CV to three employment agencies for part-time work
9. Rejoin the Friday night regulars at our local pub
10. Hope that by the end of the week I'll be missing my mum.

What's on your list?

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My husband can't go to respite care, because he needs a familiar environment, so respite care comes to him and I take a vacation with friends somewhere else. There's no temptation to do stuff around the house or for him when I'm not home.

But your idea of setting up a schedule where you reconnect with your friends and your life outside of caregiving sounds great! I'll have to try it. Maybe from my neighbor's spare room :-)

Hot Jacuzzi Bath, with the water up to my chin! Awwwweeee.

Great list, CM!

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