Tried to write a PM but couldn't enter data in the typical paragraph form. All I could get was a one line stream of words. It did post in paragraph form though eventually, but the one line with part of the paragraph is still in place.

Is this a problem that arose from the upgrade? Has anyone else encountered this glitch?

(This has nothing to do with the category selected, but I couldn't post without selecting one and couldn't find anything appropriate.)

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The admins have suggested we contact them about any bugs.

Send, well, then where's the fly swatter??

Bugs GA, it must be bugs.....
🦟️ 🐜 🕷 🪰 🪳 🐝 🐝 🐝


I will get back to you if I have trouble sending you a private message.

So relieved this topic is not about pms, at our age.

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