Looking at the most popular thread on this site I think the first piece of advice would be to keep our toothbrushes in tupperware under our pillows. But in addition to that I thought maybe we could share things that have worked and not worked for those starting out and maybe older caregivers could learn a few new tricks also.
1. Baby monitors work great at night.
2. Mom wears her cell phone on beads around her neck. It clips on and off and we have beads to match some outfits. She calls me when she needs something, done in BR, wakes up in the morning, etc.
3. Laptop tables are great bedside tables and cheaper than medical ones
4. Home depot has an adapter to make any plug in touch control. Great for table lamps.
5. Insulated plastic tumblers with lids and straws.
6. Radioshack wireless headphones.
7. Remotes are a nightmare, anybody find one that is easy for everything?
8. Found the ADA toilet at local hardware. It was Kohler brand and very reasonable. The ones at the large chains were way over priced.
9. To transfer from toilet to WC I rigged a walker backwards over toilet for handles (the device you by tends to rock) and then use a walker in front to help.
10. People have been very generous recycling items thru craigslist if you just let then know what you need.

What else works and doesn't work?

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These are great deb...thanks. A few more:
1. a plastic and cloth device that helps pull socks on
2. long handled shoe horn (metal ones are best)
3. button "hook" with a handle that pulls buttons through the hole
4. platform for the bathroom that raises the height of the floor making it easier to get into tub
5. suction cup bathtub handles
6. velcro tabbed soft shoes
7. use a piece of satin fabric on a car seat that allows one to slide in. use a piece of non-slip rug pad under the satin.
8. lightweight folding transport chair (I like "Fly-Lite Transport Chair" by the Drive Co.)

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