I had gotten the papers at the Adult Day care for Mom and asked my sister, who is POA, to fill them out so that we would know what the cost would be for Mom. Well sister did not do it so I set Mom down and filled them out to the best of Mom's knowledge. I faxed them in and my sister calls me and said Mom didn't want to go until next spring...sister will be leaving shortly for her winter home so that will leave me-who will be having surgery again shortly- to do it.
How do I get Mom and sister to agree on this so that Mom will be set up before sister goes away and I have surgery. This is the only plan I've been able to come up with unless someone else has a better plan...which right now for my sister is "wait and see". Thanks

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Mom tends to put off therapy, thinking we will forget about it and she can stay at home where she's basically "house bound" because she can't move really good. After her surgery we told the doctor to keep her in a Rehab center because she stubs up on us when she is suppose to do things to help her get better. Mom has parkinson/dementia and she can't think things out. She really needs this Adult day care because they do therapy and keeps her mind active. She likes doing things once she gets into it but she stubs up on getting started especially if I suggest it to her.

Did your mom really want to wait till next Spring?

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