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susieluise, why did your mother pick your sister as her POA, do you know?

How long ago did your mother assign the POA? Was she competent then?

Do you know for a fact that Mother is legally not competent to change the POA if she wants to? Is she capable of understanding the concept of appointing someone else to take care of her finances, for example? What stage of dementia is she in? Does she live at home, or with your sister, or in a care center or ??

Clearly your sister is making decisions that you do not think are good ones. What evidence to you have that she is not making financial decisions in your mother's best interest? Is she spending Mother's money on herself? Could you prove that?

I suspect to change things you are going to need legal advice, and perhaps get a court involved. But please explain your situation in a little more detail, and perhaps someone will have more specific advice for you.

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