The son gets Power of Attorney of the senior I am taking care of and doesn't pay me, the caregiver, back.


I was employed as a 27/7 caregiver for 5months two weeks paid $3500 a month.Providing total care for 76 year old with end stage liver & impaired mental status, After tow months he was not able to do the bills & asked me to take over. I called his son & asked what should I do. He said go ahead & make out checks for all bills you get in the mail. He said as soon as I get Power of Attorney I"ll take over He lied. In stead wrongly accused me of fraud&shut my bank account.

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Thanks jeannegibbs & Dilshad, I got an Attorney & got Free advise & he even wrote a nice letter on my behalf. Looks like I will not get what is owed to me . Next time I will have a contract that outlines everything. At least I know that I gave my patient the best care he ever had & that is what counts .

I agree with jeannegibbs, he really need a good lawyer.

Wow. You definitely need a lawyer. Good luck to you.