I couldn't be more heart-broken despite the fact I was just plain a stupid idiot, and something I will never forgive myself for.
I know there is a lot of talk on here about the POA situation. A lot of where the POA (IS ACCUSED) And it is not happening. Some where friends and family members are abusing their POA and other family members trying to stop it.

My personal opinion is (IN REALITY A LICENSE TO STEAL) please, those of you that are POA,s and taking care of your loved ones understand I am not meaning you. I
I feel this POA is too easy to get. Not enough instruction on the fact one could be signing away their actual lively-hood. One can pay a few dollars and get the forms off the internet.
DO always use an attorney, put your intial on every page, make sure they are numbered (Like #2 of #10 etc)

If there is one type of person I have despised, it is a thief, and I always taught my children to never take what was not theirs.
This last decade has not been good to me in any fasion. I lost my spouse of 45 years to cancer and only a few years later I was diagonsed with colon/rectal cancer. Both of us had worked a lifetime for our American Dream and all of it is gone, even our home we lived in about 25 years.
I was still living in our Country Home when I was diagonsed with the cancer. It was obvious I could not stay there alone any longer.
Alone I traveled every-day to my treatments. Chemo and radiation. I was very sick and about 3 weeks in to it I started having extreme 'fatigue'. I could only walk about 6 steps before I was going to faint. (I was 68 then, 70 now) The cancer society and seniour services said I needed to be in town. I did find this place I am in by myself.
I had extreme neuropathy in feet, legs and hands.
I had called My 44y/o son to see if he could help me move? He said yes but then I never heard from him again for about 3 weeks. There are No moving companies in this area. I did find one that said he could do it all for $600.00. I was going to use him, but my son called and was angry I had got someone else?
So he and his girl-friend with some in her family came out to help me move.
To this day I feel terrible I could not help too. This was 2 weeks after my first treatments stopped, but only now was I told the side effects stay with you for several weeks. (My son and his girlfriend seemed like my salvation to me.
Now it is close to my life altering surgery. I had very little money left from our savings and retirement fund. (Devestating diseases take it all.)
A few days before surgery I made 'My Son' my POA! I gave him some money in case I died in surgery so they would have money for these kinds of issues. I DID NOT, get an Attorney for me. (stupid move on my part) I did trust my son and he knew my wishes and I had a living will also. I had also gave them my Wedding Rings and other Heirloom jewlery for safe keeping. (I had too much trust in them) My Golden Years have been nothing but Hexx.
Well I got through my surgery, and 13 days later they dropped me off at my new apartment in town.
It has been 3 years now, and I have found out they took my spouses Van (also in my name) used the POA and have it in their name. I have asked for my money and jewlery back and got from them "what if you die" I needed the money for medicine and I want my Jewlery back. (I ask for it starting in December of 20 10) Many times since then, telling them I can't buy my medicine)
They just Ignore those words of mine.
My surgery was April of 2010. By accident I found just a few weeks ago some Insurance papers. I had nearly been going hungry and am still have not been getting the medicine I need. I have tried to have my Son give me my money and jewlery.
OK I filled out the Insurance paper from years ago! My son and his girl-friend had been getting and going through my mail?
I was so surprised to find two insurance checks to me that was sent to my sons house.
The company sent me his POA papers and said the case was closed.
They also sent a copy of the checks, which were close to $10,000.00.
Now according to the Law he was suppose to keep me informed. and do everything for my best interest which he did not do. Just put all this money in his bank account hoping I would never know.
I have NO one to blame but myself. The only thing in my defense is that I trusted my Son, and I find out he and his girlfriend are 'Greedy Crooks'.
I am having to deal with APS and a Public prosecuting Attorney.

If I hear one more person say "You gave him that right" I know I will end it all.
I can't take it anymore!
My point is POA,s are too easy to get, and regardless to how much you think you can trust someone, Please Don't! Protect your-self.

Sorry so long, but I am sure you all can see what I mean. It hurts me to hear what some of you do for your parents, and my Son just plain stole from me, and tried to keep me from finding out.
I might add he is Angry with me because there is nothing left for his inheirtance.

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I am so sorry dljbohsix. You must be horribly disappointed in your son, and now he is angry at you. I am glad you are warning other people, no one thinks this sort of thing will happen to them. I was talking a person in charge of the billing for 8 nursing homes the other week. She said I would be shocked by how often children take their parents' money using POAs. Take care of yourself.

I am so sorry to read what happened to you...

I am very sorry about the ordeal with your son. It is unfortunate that sometimes we cannot even trust our closest relatives. I agree with you that POA's are too easy to get, and that people should protect themselves. Thanks for your story, hopefully it will help others. In addition, I think the laws regarding POA's should be more strict, as so many times it is abused.

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