Ok, first off I do not want her to fall during the night. That is why I put the potty chair in her room. She seems to do fine somedays to use bathroom and some days it takes all her effort to even get to potty chair when she has pin strokes.
I keep thinking it’s better than diaper changing. My problem is she goes to urinate in bathroom all day and I just went to check on her and she is doing her bm in potty chair! I think she is passive aggressive to me and likes that I have to clean that potty chair. I can’t seem to win in this dementia thing.
I don’t even know why I am posting this. It is my problem and I must not be handling it well. I just needed to sound off. No need for answers. Thank you.

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Hi Patticake2-
i to am battling potty chair with my mother, who does not have dementia and is mobile with her walker. The passive aggressive theory you mentioned is one I confirm and the only difference in our potty chair perils is my mom has a colostomy!
you’ve heard of ‘toilet humor’. Well, I’ve come up with potty chair humor as a fundamental to aid in preserving my sanity:
to the tune of the original Spider Man tv series-
potty chair potty chair
if it’s full I don’t care
sits out in the living room
its become a source of doom
look out! Don’t tip the potty chair
sits right there for all to see
makes the room smell like pee
its unnecessary I hate it so much
its become mom’s new crutch
look out! Don’t tip the potty chair
I posted this little ditty before on here so you may have already seen it . If not, I hope it will at least make you smile

Awww you guys always make me feel better! Thank you!!!!

Just a suggestion - my sister put a garbage bag in the bedside commode bowl for my Dad. I don't know if he has ever used it or not, (my sister would handle that if needed) but I imagine the plan would be you can just pull the bag out and throw it out when dirty so less actual cleaning.

Nobody wins with this dementia thing. No. Body.

Good luck!

I wouldn't take it personally.

Sound off all you life. That’s what this forum is for.

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