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You have your hands full my dear. Did I read right that your mom is 54 years old? You must be very young for being in this stage of your life. What stage of dementia is your mom in? How much is she able to do?
I realize this seems hard to bear at this stage in your life. But hang in there. You have the oportunity to love Mom in a way many people your age don't know how to. I hope you know that your level of dedication puts you in a very special group. Caregiver is a title to be respected. I hope your mom is able to understand what you're doing for her but even if she doesn't she's very lucky to have you. Take care of yourself. You aren't alone. Keep coming back and let us help you. This feeling of sadness isn't always going to feel so overwhelming. It's by getting through the difficult times that helps us to really appreciate the great times in our lives. Life does get better. Don't give up.

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