I keep seeing the same story over and over. The same one I was going to post. In a nutshell; sister who survives off SSD at $700 month insisted on helping mom with her banking by having access to account shortly after dad died. He left my mom well off. So sibling gets a taste of having unlimited access to the money and became evil. You all know what happens next. As I suspected she began living well beyond what her social security checks allow. Even moved mom into her own home to gain access to mom's own pension and social security widow benefits at $4,000 mo. So. Mom passes away in July. I knew there was life insurance so we could give her the funeral she wanted. Sadly she knew my sister was stealing from her and told me several locations the life insurance half of mine and she cannot change it. Well she did it anyway. I probably would have $44,000 or so after funeral payment. She stole it all. Didn't spend it on funeral. Bc there is no funeral only a mass and burial (at moms prepaid plot). Attorney told me that POAs have total control over entire estate due to a new law in Connecticut. POA trumps beneficiaries on life ins policies. I have no Financial inheritance but I do have a fond memory of childhood with two loving parents. Their intentions were always good. As much as she cries over dad’s death for attention, she had no problem totally disrespecting my dad. He and his two sisters lost their inheritance to a greedy in law. Dad was devastated, so went to extremes to assure his money is equally distributed. Connecticut laws changed to placate sibling POAs. Worst part, mom is still not buried. I pleaded with her to bury her after she died. She decided to make some kind twisted party out of it. Probably to proclaim herself moms “angel of mercy” to an audience of relatives who she has turned against me. All I really need is to honor my mom with her funeral details. Several occasions she showed me her funeral file (Mass cards, music, display her special things). I may be able to afford Mass cards online and already had the music downloaded however, there’s nowhere to play it. My heart is broken. Again asked my sister to bury her this weekend. Reply: “I had mom remove your name from everything. I got it all”. Actually I have something she will never have; a clean conscience. All I can do is change my own will. I never want my kids to know this kind heartache

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I believe you have been snookered. There is no such law in CT that allows the POA to retain control after death.

also...if she took money outside of the estate...or spent money totally on herself, that is fraud.

get a Lawyer and go after this sister. Don't wait till she skips out on you too. Everything she said is a lie....and whoever told you that load of horse pucky about CT law is lieing too

Good thinking, Lymie!

I am sorry to hear so much sadness. I am glad to hear your Mom did have the care of your sister until her death; what happens now can do her no harm. You apparently did not have a good relationship with the sister prior to your Mom's death; I hope you were able to visit with your Mom. Now, for all intent and purpose it is over. Try to move on with you life. It is, I would imagine, and according to what you tell us, far too late now to do anything about this. You will, of course, be able to see the will when it is filed for probate; unless I am mistaken that is an open public record? After that I would move on. Clearly the Sister's relationship is likely over. But good friends can be like Sisters. Replace her and enjoy life now.

Who's attorney did you talk to? POA/DPOA stops when the primary (your mom) passes, the moment they pass technically. If your sister is the executor of mom's estate that's a different story but it is the executor who takes over the power and responsibility, even with a will there is probate and accountability, if you believe your sister had mom change her will or wright you out when she was not cognitively able to do so you can challenge that. I would suggest looking up the attorney who made up your parents will and then maybe the one who made up the latest one to see what they have to say about mom's wishes and mental state. I think you are either confused about what this attorney said or you weren't talking to an actual estate attorney, you might want to double check your understanding of the CT law because I'm not aware of one that interchanges the POA and Executor of a persons estate unless the two legal documents simply name the same person (very possible). They are separate documents.

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