Mom 93 years old stubborn, anger, general meanness lives in FL.

After 4-5 major falls, hospitals, rehabs, ambulance calls etc I've got my mom in a SNF and can get transitioned to Long-Term care bed...
So now she is calling attorneys to get her out of there and I'm bracing that this is far from not over..
Pretty mean selfish person that has caused great disruption in our lives refusing all help from anyone and just wants to be alone and at home.

We live 1k miles away, last year moved her to Cincinnati and she made our lives h*ll, and sent her back home to FL.

Every day is a 40 min call of meanness..

Really weary...

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Can she afford an attorney?

Let's say she can somehow manage to leave the SNF, you are not required to provide care for her. She tells you she is moving out? "Good luck, Mother. Be sure to let us know your new address as soon as you are settled ... oh, I think the UPS guy is at the door. Talk to you later."

If you can't get your mother medication that addresses her agitation, just hang up. No one should be subjected to verbal abuse.

Again...when she starts in say " mother, I'm sorry you're feeling poorly. We'll speak when you're feeling better".

I'm not suggesting that this will teach her or train her if she has dementia. It just gets You off the phone.

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