Please forgive me if this is not an appropriate subject for this site. Feel free to remove it if so.
Quizzical but thought-provoking. It's something that I've followed through on and believed in for quite some time. Has anyone else tended to notice how some people tend to develop physical ailments that seem related to their negative long-term belief systems?
For a better understanding of where I'm leading, I will give you some examples from my own family diary.

1. family member with glaucoma - this person has never been able to see eye-to-eye with anyone and views all their life circumstances from very negative lenses. Seems fitting that this family member has manifested an eye disease that dims the ability to see clearly and with clarity.

2. family member (deceased) by liver disease - this person had an abusive childhood and had trouble throughout their life assimilating their experience and turning it into a positive & healing life experience. This person carried 'sh*t-on-the-liver' all his life which eventually terminally affected his liver.

3. family member suffers a severe form of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). This family member has family/mental-suffering issues which he has never been able to release or mend. His mental issues are confused, illogical and blown way out of proportition to their origins. Any wonder that he would develop OCD - the outward physical appearance of his inner world confusion.

4. NM's approach to life, I believe to be manifested from traumatic childhood experiences which might have left her feeling isolated, abandoned and with no mother-bonding experience to nurture her own off-spring.

There are more, but I thought these 4 examples would help the most. As stated, not a whole lot you can do with it, but it has helped me in many ways through the years.


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It is fascinating, isn't it? Thanks.
You might say M's hip problems are partial of that. Hips, butts, reproductive organs, lower abdomin are all part of this area. Hips are our body's balance and thrust to life, as are legs to move us forward, so perhaps M has long-term issues of feeling unsupported. Perhaps feeling there is nothing to move forward to and has inability in making major decisions as well?

What a fascinating topic!!!! I'll have to give this some thought, one thing that springs to mind is M's constant hip pain, so negative, closed mined, so thinking , tight a**ed causing pain in her I on the right track???? will be thinking on this all day.... Getting my mind off all the things I have no control over.... hugs....

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