What an upset to those of us who use said meds. Yesterday I looked high and low for my favorite antihistamine, only to find the company is no longer making the product. Say what? I searched on line, and Amazon had the product but for over $25 a box, a box which couple months ago only costed me $4.99 at Target. Oh how I hate to experiment with new antihistamines :(

Another example, a few years ago Pfizer stopped making a anti-veritgo medicine called Anti-Vert which worked beautifully. My late Mom, who was in her 90's, said it worked wonders for her not feeling dizzy. Poof, off the market. We tried the generic but it didn't work as well. I called every drug store in the area, found a couple of pharmacies that had the discontinued product, and made a mad dash with Mom and mine prescriptions.

I realize that drug companies have patents on their pills, and that patents ends, thus other companies can make the generic. You'd think it would be the same, but it all depends on what fillers are used in the pill to make it large enough to handle, such as lactose.. what binders are used to keep the pill together... and what coatings are used to make the pill stay whole while traveling to the stomach. All it takes is one filler, or one binder, or coating that someone cannot tolerate to mess up the whole thing. Grrrrrr.

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Tryingmybest, back decades ago I had allergy shots for 13 years, and you are right they did help. For me, with global climate change in our back yards and each year the spring pollen gets worse and worse. Even my cat is having issues with pollen.

I use to grab my Chlor-Trimeton 4mg which I could cut in half [that is the med that is now off the market]. It was also great to use if I felt I couldn't sleep at night, half a pill and eventually I was dozing off :)

I will give the generic a try... I found that drug stores do carry their own brand of this allergy med. I also have tried Children's Clarion and it does work, but I am limited how many days in a row I use it. It gives me headaches.

I hear you. I used to take over the counter allergy meds and they cost me just a few dollars. Then all of a sudden the ones I took were not there anymore and the others were $25-$35 a month. I asked if I could get a prescription but I was told the prescription drugs were now over the counter and insurance would not cover them. Then the insurance company stopped covering my sinus spray and the one they did cover gave me bad headaches. My allergies were severe and without meds I ended up with bronchial and sinus infections. I told my doctor and she referred me to an allergist. Long story short I went on allergy shots and within a year my symptoms were a fraction of what they used to be. I am still getting shots, it will be a couple more years anyway, but I no longer need meds and I seldom suffer from allergy attacks. Plus my insurance covers the shots in full. I recommend anyone who has bad allergies to ask to see an allergist.

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