I live in Carmel, Ca. and am looking for affordable inhome care for my grandmother for when I work, Mon.- Fri. 8-5, and on Sat. 9-1. The agencies won't accept her insurrance, so I have to pay for it myself. I am on a limited Teacher's salary and my family won't or cannot help with the pay. She would qualify for Medical if she didnot own her house, but my Grandmother is soo stubborn about everything. She thinks that I am controlling her life. I have to work and want to finish my education, so I feel like I abandone her to do this, which is not safe for she falls down. I don't know what to do. Frustrated Grandaughter who is only trying to help, but feels all alone. ers

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The first thing I'd do is visit the office of your Area Agency on Aging. It offers a wide spectrum of help and information.

Would the other family members help you speak to her about putting the house into the names of whomever is going to inherit it. This is what many people do to recieve care for their elders. You might also advertise for someone to work for you directly without going through an agency and avoiding those charges. Of course careful vetting must be done . There are those who are not honest doing this kind of work.
God Bless you for taking on this responsibility. John

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