My parents are "self pay" at an assisted living facility. their savings is gone and they are unable to pay the full amount. They live in pennsylvania. they have been at the ALF for over a year now.. parents have 4 sources of income. ( work pension, military pension, and his & her SSI ) I know that a ALF in my area will accept all funds available as full payment after one year. my parents will also be able to receive $87 each per month. according to the manager i spoke with.

are all health care facilities REQUIRED to accept ONLY the funding available?

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No, I don't think there is any requirement for an ALF to accept less than their published rates, or to accept Medicaid. Some do make special arrangements for residents who have paid full price for certain lengths of time.

Was this discussed when you parents chose this ALF? I assume that they could tell that they couldn't afford it for more than a year -- or did they need more services than they expected, or have to use some savings for something they didn't foresee? I'm wondering how they came to be in this situation after a year.

In any case, see what the policies are where they live, and also what you might be able to negotiate for them.

I wish you well. (I think ALF is particularly hard to pay for.)

It is my understanding that once all funds are exhausted, the only option is to apply for medicaid. The problem with that is that most ALFs don't accept medicaid and a move to a nursing home would be required.

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