Yesterday I called the nurse as I thought maybe he had a minor stroke. But, the nurse came said she did not think so. It is like something exploded in him and he is now having difficulty eating, walking and talking all in ONE day. Oh there were signs that things were changing and I thought it would be gradual...But, WALLA, I am up to my ears with helping him now. The doctor wants to give him shots in his lower back. They waited way to long to get this done. Approvals and all that.... They should have done this a month ago. The soon to be Hospice nurse said that she thought I should pass on it and just let Hospice (when they start ) help him with the pain. But, when I talked to my partner in one of his quiet moments he wants to go through with the shots. So, I have help coming to help me get him to the car and back again. EVERYTHING Costs money. I feel like I am an ATM with the services that have to be paid for. I just hope I made the right decision. If these shots work, it could relieve a lot of his pain. I just worry that I have allowed HIM to make the decision. I have been so calm through all of this journey and now I am scared and nervous. I will be so happy when Hospice starts...

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