I didn’t know about these mishaps when speaking to social worker or I would have told her. When I saw mom later she mentioned that the meds weren’t given as prescribed.

The rehab has recommended home health care at home when she is released. Mom is concerned, as am I how she will do at home. Insurance only pays for a limited amount of rehab.

I am considering palliative care if that is applicable for her. I’m still have questions about what palliative care consists of. Possibly hospice.

Also thinking about long term facility care. I really need to discuss it further with her doctors, primary care and neurologist. It’s a lot to deal with.

She has only mentioned once that she wants to be home. I think for the most part she feels looked after.

She doesn’t socialize much with other residents and I had hoped she would join in on conversations. Some residents are so sweet and laugh and tell wonderful stories about their lives.

Of course, others are in horrible shape. I guess dementia or something. So sad, one woman told me she didn’t know how she got there, said she was only 32 years old! That she needed to get back home. Broke my heart.

Mom mostly watches television in her room. Yesterday I wheeled her out to the tv watching room for a change of pace. They have her in a wheelchair when not in therapy or bed.

She is being so cooperative and pleasant. Everyone has complemented her attitude. I have enjoyed the break but I miss her too. I love her and I know without a doubt she loves me. She tells all of the staff I am a wonderful daughter.

They always tell me how sweet she is, how pretty she is. I swear she is 93 with no wrinkles!

She is eating well but says they give her too much food. That’s normal for her because she is small and doesn’t overeat.

She does like a cup of ice cream once in awhile so I brought the little cups and placed in freezer for her to have as a treat. Oh my gosh, some of the other residents wanted some so I gave them some too after I checked if they could have it.

This is breaking my heart. She has truly impressed me and the staff at the rehab facility with her hard work in therapy.

She has had a wonderful attitude and I have been told numerous times how willingly she is doing her exercises, which is a blessing because I have friends whose parents have not cooperated at all while in skilled nursing and refused to do the exercises. Very sad because they go down hill quickly.

Rehab works them hard! Six days a week, right after breakfast until the afternoon. Just a short break for lunch.

Well, I am trying to prepare myself because the social worker at the rehab says the worst is yet to come concerning the progression of Parkinson’s disease.

My older brother has really stepped up and visiting mom regularly as well. My younger brother goes too but not as often. He can’t handle it. He couldn’t visit my oldest brother in hospice very often before he died. Everyone is different around the sick and dying and I am learning to accept that.

This is hard and there are conflicting emotions. We all have different life experiences and need to respect each other’s feelings. No two people are alike.

An employee at the assisted living facility that I looked into awhile back called me recently and told me she was thinking about me and wanted me to meet her personal friend who is a great social worker. I’m amazed at the kindness of others at times.

She also leads a wonderful caregiver group in my area in the evenings that I can attend when my husband gets home.

My husband travels with work so I won’t be able to make every meeting but that’s okay. I’m looking forward to having face to face human interaction with other caregivers in my area.

This social worker arranged to meet me while mom was in the hospital in the cafeteria for coffee. We had a great conversation. She told me to keep her posted so I plan on calling her soon. She is very helpful.

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Yep, the meds incident really bothers me. Mom continues to tell me that it only happened once and I told her if she is instructed to take a double dosage again so they wouldn’t have to come back to her room to refuse doing it and call me. Would they want that done to their loved one? No, and I don’t want my mom double dosed with meds to save them a trip later that evening. It’s their job to administer drugs.

Thanks Polar,

I appreciate it. I did take a break from forum and I found a caregiver support group that meets in person near my home and working privately with a social worker who is truly wonderful.

Difficult trying to manage my own healthcare and mom’s but I will manage as best I can.

NHWM - Hi, I'm so glad to see your name again here. Thought you weren't coming back. And there wasn't a way for me to post a message on your board.

So sorry you're going through a very tough time with your mom. Thinking of you and wishing you strength to carry on.

Mom has lived with me since 2005. It’s been rewarding and difficult at the same time. Even people who don’t have parents live with them is hard overseeing their care.

Needhelpwithmom - I forgot to mention that if your mom is talking about the timing of certain parkinsons meds, I know they often pay no mind to the timing part and just give the meds whenever.

I think it must happen a lot at rehab facilities.

We had home health service directly from rehab, which was exactly what we needed but insurance only allows a certain number of visits per year. If you have medicare, I don't know what they offer. If your mom lives alone, you will have to figure out what she can and can't do.

Hospice sounds to me like it's very restrictive; be sure you check out the limitations on care if you go that route. From my very limited knowledge, it is terribly restrictive on care, even for things like lab work.

We heard the same as you that many people don't do their exercises in rehab.


You make valid points. Parkinson’s is a progressive disease without a cure. They are prescribing home health. She’s done home health a few times now.

From what the social worker has told me, she is only going to get worse so I definitely have to start planning for that.

Thanks Shell,

I’ve always enjoyed chatting with you. Yes, very hard to see mom dealing with Parkinson’s.

I am looking forward to receiving support in meetings close to my home.

You have a lot going on, but, it seems to be pretty positive. I'd be careful to ensure that your mother is able to function at home before returning her. Will she be able to handle all her ADLs without assistance? I would consider how and when the Parkinsons's will progress. I know that's stressful. It's awesome that you have built such a good support system. If you have issues with siblings being able to assist, I'd make sure have the proper documents to act on mom's behalf.


I am sorry to hear about your mom's circumstances, but I am happy that she is doing well as for rehab. I know this must be tough on you. It is good to hear from you. I think it will be great for your to go to caregiving group nothing really replaces human contact.

I wish I could pm you, but I understand. You have my support!

I will keep you in my prayers and may the Lord strength and guide you through this trying time.


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