Parkinson's Disease and dental x-rays.

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If you have Parkinsons Disease, DO NOT get a dental xray. The danger of killing more dopamine producing neurons is far too great.

Giving dental xrays to Parkinson patients is not good dentistry. Rather, it is nothing short of reckless dentistry. Many dentists will argue that xrays are required for a specific Level of Care. This so called Level of Care is set by the states Board of Dentistry, who have a decided mission to support the income of member dentists.

I have experienced dentists and dental hygienists literally engage in intimidation of patients to be able to take xrays. Even when the patient has no dental problems. If dentists are concerned about liability (which they claim) they should consider the liability they would face if they worsened the condition of a Parkinsons patient.

Several studies have positively linked dental xrays as a causal factor for meningioma brain tumors. The authors of these studies recommend that dental xrays not be given more often than once every three years; and this is for healthy non Parkinson patients.

Additionally, if dental xrays are so benign as dentists argue, then why do dental hygienists go into the next room when taking xrays? Probably because the effect of xrays is accumulative. If you have received dental xrays every year there is a possibility that this has exasperated your Parkinsons condition. There is also an argument that the dental xrays may be responsible for your Parkinsons Disease.

So far there have not been any studies positively linking dental xrays to Parkinsons Disease. However, radiation kills cells. It is a very short step in logic to link dental xrays with Parkinsons; and literally irresponsible to claim that there is no relationship.


Regardless of whether your position has merit, I wouldn't rely on it for 2 reasons:

1. You make no reference to validated studies by medical or scientific professionals and studies, and

2. You made this statement:

'This so called Level of Care is set by the states Board of Dentistry, who have a decided mission to support the income of member dentists."

Your broad, general conclusion about state dentistry boards undercuts everything else you write by revealing a lack of scientific approach to your conclusions.
References to the meningioma brain tumor studies are readily available on the web. As far as the Board of Dentistry is concerned, this was my conclusion after a healthy exchange of emails with their president. I agree that there are a lack of studies concerning Parkinson's and dental X-rays. As a retired research scientist, I learned long ago that when data and studies are lacking, its best to use logic and common sense.
You asked why do dental hygienists go into the next room when taking x-rays? It's because there is a slight risk of some radiation but usually a patient gets dental x-rays once a year, if that. A dental hygienists probably does a dozen of x-rays per day so his/her risk is higher.

Now thing of this risk this way.... if the above findings are an issue with what you wrote, time to toss out your cellphones and computer monitors as those devices produce radiation, too, which we use daily. Same with microwave ovens, suntan booths, WiFi routers, Bluetooth transmitters, TV remote controls, along with other devices.
Aside from the fact that this has an ambiguous relationship to caregiving, the "sky is falling" wording of your post nullifies any legitimacy your point may have by causing readers to simply write you off as a nut job.
There ARE legitimate concerns about over the cumulative effects of exposure to x-rays, and responsible dentists do seek to limit the number and frequency of x-rays to the minimum needed to do the job.

I haven't researched this and won't because I don't have a dog on the fight. However,if a patient wants their teeth cleaned or physically inspected for cavities, then, if the dentist won't oblige? The answer is to go to another dentist. A dentist whose practice includes elderly seniors will most likely comply.

Doctors who specialize in treating Parkinson's patients should most assuredly be in the know on this, though.
The information within this text is absolutely false. The website should care for a minimal quality of information given to public, which in some cases could eventually lead to wrong behaviour of people, with harm to their own health.
And one of the problems is that anyone can pick any screen name and post something that may or may not have any merit whatsoever, and that person may or may not have any educational or professional foundation for his/her conclusions.
Dental x-rays go straight to the teeth, un-scatter, so they do not kill the neurons of the brain. The strength of the radiations is very low dose compare to other medical x-rays such as mammogram, or chest x-rays. You can google the information of how much radiations per medical procedure, then you will know that you should not worry at all about dental x-rays because they are so minimal.
The radiations of the bite wings that the dentists take each year is equivalent to the 1 hour in the sun. So, if you are worry about radiation, you should stay indoor,
live at sea level where there is less radiation than higher attitude, and get rid all of the electronic devices in the house. Also, do not fly because that also expose you to radiations. You get the picture.

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