My mother won't take her medications unless I watch her swallow them or even have to put them in her mouth. She won't use her inhalers until she is ready to pass out and unable to breath. Is this her way of saying "Leave me be. I want to die already"?

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I just have to laff at hardass's comment...
one morning I had a nasty headache on the brew as getting ma situated for the morning. I kept telling myself go grab some Tylenol but got I finally went in to ma with her pills n water and proceeded to slam them down on the way....I don't know how I mistook 2-3 Tylenol for a li'l cup full of pills. Was like "uh oh that wasn't Tylenol I just swallowed" I kept waiting for the walls to crawl but it never happened, darn it!!! hahhaha. Now that is some funny stuff there!!!

LOL capnhardass!! Dreyfuss - he's a funny one on here. It's sad your mother is doing this. But unfortunately she's playing a big mind game with you. You said in another post that she has Dementia. Well, her brain doesn't work right, and a lot of times, people with Dementia act like children, i.e. rebellious, talk back, etc. There's not a lot you can do if you are her caregiver. But if it becomes too much to handle or you just don't want to do it anymore, I would strongly consider placing her in Assisted Living or a Nursing Home. Sometimes elders will take their medicine easier by having someone they don't know giving it to them. And plus, these individuals are trained and paid in figuring out how to get their patients to take their medicine. And it could be that she does want to die. If that's the case, there's not a whole lot you can do about that either, unfortunately. But by getting her into a facility, at least you will know you did everything you possibly could to help her. Good luck!!

id give her two opportunities then take them myself.

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