My mother has several health problems, heart disease, GERD, COPD, diabetes and depression. She will take her diabetes meds religiously, as well as her heart meds...but she flat refuses to take her GERD meds and wont' even discuss antidepressants. She won't take cough syrups or Tylenol for aches and pains. Yet she complains endlessly and refuses to do things because of the pain (including eating).

I went through her meds with her and SHOWED her where the doctor wrote for her to take Zantac twice a day...she ignored me. I went and looked at her meds, she has one bottle of Prilosec she filled in May that still has four in it. So she has NOT been taking it....yet she has stumbled around this house today refusing to eat or get dressed because she 'hurts'.

I am so frustrated with her. She truly feels she 'deserves' to be in pain and that if she was tougher she wouldn't be in pain.

she has taken to throwing things at me when she gets frustrated, and I just get up and walk away.

I am so frustrated with her.

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Wantingtime, I have the same issue with my Mother and so I decided to call her on it...that proverbial crap or get of the pot mentality...finally she admitted that she doesn't take her meds correctly. We have major arguments and she would denies it. Made me even angrier. She would belittle me and insult me constantly. Takes everything I have to keep my composure and not lash out in return. When it finally came to a head, she says the medications make her feel worse. She is still in pain (or whatever the complaint) but now along with the pain she is nauseous and her skin crawls, she has a cough, and she gets tummy many side effects from these drugs and on researching them each of her complaints can be attributed to one of the 12 meds she takes daily. So at her last Dr. appointment I forced her to talk to the Dr. about it. The Dr. is now trying some other drugs and dosages and time of day that she takes them. We have only been at it for a couple weeks so I am not sure if that is addressing her complaints yet, but hopeful. I can so relate to the do everything and still feel like you are banging your head against a wall. Hang in there and stay strong. Hugs!

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