Other people behaving badly...


When other's are just ticking you off, when you just cannot keep it in any longer, and you have already tried and tried; or you find something so funny but posting it topically would interrupt a conversation; OR you feel like testing your own compassionate quotient by wording it in a way so as NOT to offend;
Instead of logging out, post it here......

Here is an example: Some posts are getting soooo long that no one reads them. Ever. But one day, you find yourself bored out of your mind, and you read, and read, and read. Only to discover that person, a part of the community here, may need help that you cannot give. You want to help, but you are prevented. So, say it all here. Air concerns, but be extremely kind-because everyone you meet is fighting an uphill battle.
If it is too long, no one will read it.



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The carpet men were coming to clean the carpet and they phoned to tell us they were on the way, 2 hours early,at noon instead of 2:00 p.m.My dH knew I was trying to gather the 5 cats to put them in Mother's bedroom before the men got there,so what does he do.......he gets a step ladder and shaves off the top of the door that's been sticking,getting wood shavings all over the carpet I had just vacuumed and he let the cats into the Living room that they aren't allowed to go and it caused ALOT of unnessessary chaos I sure didn't need.Or want.And the timing of everything stunk.

That's why I want to torture them, Frazzled - I want to get to the bottom of whether this is inability to write a meaningful sentence, or the more sinister possibility outlined by Sir Humphrey Appleby of intentional obscurity.

He explained all this in the episode called 'Open Government.' "Always put the difficult bit in the title, it does less damage there."

So, for example, if you come across a document entitled "delivering better health care for all", whereas the casual reader might assume that means a discussion of how the government aims to do so, on careful reading you will find that the document:

avoids definition of "delivering" "better" "health care" and "all"
makes unexplained assumptions about the desiderata of health care, some of them highly arguable
and says that they're already doing it brilliantly and any problems are the result either of unfair perception or unforeseeable setbacks
and says that anyway it's not their job.

Sheesh, with a first paragraph that convoluted, I'd hate to see what the rest of the document looks like. The government never can make anything simple. Ours here can't either.

Read this. If you can.

"This report examines the Home Office’s progress in managing a clear assurance and oversight system that is effective in identifying risk and financial pressure, uses information on the demand for and cost of police services to inform funding allocations, and supports forces to be financially sustainable by facilitating transformation and enabling forces to make savings."

Daughter 1 remarked last weekend that I am becoming increasingly intolerant. Given that this introductory paragraph *of a public document* has me contemplating driving up to London, chaining up the National Audit Office's entire editorial department and setting fire to their toes, I suppose D1 may have a point.

I don't know how these badly behaving people find us,but they do.
We have some trees that need trimmed and 1 that needs to be cut down and this man offered to do the whole job for only $300.00,so my dH went for it and decided to go with this man.We thought he'd be back last night,but he never came and again,my dH hoped he'd come this morning,but he didn't.He finally showed up at 1:30 this afternoon and after some chit chat,he told my dH he had to take the woman in his truck somewhere and that he always got half the pay due for his work beforehand.My dH said "Well not from me" and the man left saying he'd be back in a little while.It's been 6 hours now,and he never came back,but it's just as well because I googled him on my computer and the Neighborhood website too and found bad report after bad report on him and his work and how he'd taken money and tools from people and there was also an arrest record and he had been arrested for attempting to steal a car AND I found out that it's a Family business and this junk has been going on for years.
I had a bad gut feeling anyway and now I know why And I think my Mother was trying to send me a sign too,because there was a female Cardinal outside my window chirping Loudly,like it was trying to get my attention.
I'll never understand how people can do such bad things and still continue to live with themselves.It's sad.Really sad.

I got a ticket 1 block from my house too-probably 20 years ago. Bad thing was.....I was stopped dead at the stop sign, no rolling.

Well, I don't mind paying the price when I'm wrong but I'm not about to put up with being accused when I'm innocent. So I argued with the cop and he backed off.
I asked how many seconds do I need to sit there after the tires stop. He couldn't tell me.

I'll be Darned if you're going to meet your quota on me!

MsMadge...I got a ticket for a "Rolling stop" a block from home,years ago.Since then,I always count to 3 at a stop.
Cops still hide here at churches and certain places  ready to catch someone,They have to meet their quota....


i nearly chased a car down the street on Labor Day- blew through the corner stop sign going 40+

if I hadn't slowed to greet a neighbor then I would have likely gotten it

only thing that stopped me was that I was already running late

when I was a kid, motorcycle cops would park on certain streets and wait for folks to not come to a complete stop - California roll

I can't remember the last time I've even seen a motor cop, and now when anything happens, every cop car in the city appears on the scene

can an you get the city to put up an extra stop sign before your house ?

A piece of board, good idea.
Must consider the consequences first, but thanks Sue for the good ideas!

I don't want to make the papers, ya know.

I know it's a long shot but could you petition for speed bumps on your street?

Or "somehow" a 1"X 1" wood pole happens to have fallen right near your driveway?

Can the city put in a speed sensor? They put them in the neighborhood where I work.


Be grateful you don't drive here in TJ. On a 4 lane road going one way, the guy in the left hand lane turns RIGHT across 3 lanes of traffic going straight!!!! I swear they don't care about their lives or any one else's.

And don't get me started with the babies on their mother's laps! Aaaahhhhh!
Oh well, one gets thrown out the window, you can always have another one. Really p*sses me off.

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