ranoel Posted January 2013

I called Social Security to obtain Form SSA -1099 for mom who passed away. She has a Family Trust. The original trust cannot be located.


My Mother passed away August 14th 2012. The original trust cannot be located. I was told that Social Security WOULD NOT issue this form without the original trust. I am the executrix and I have copies of the original trust and a copy of her will. Before her death my Mother and I went to the Law Firm that wrote the original trust and an Attorney added a First Amendment To Trust Indenture naming me as co-trustee. Also generated on that day was a Certification of Trust Both Documents Show Me As Co-Trustee. The Trust has been executed as per written. However, SS WILL NOT ISSUE A 1099. What remedies are there in order to file for her taxes for 2012?? The ORIGINAL TRUST INDENTURE DOCUMENT CANNOT BE FOUND!

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thetinylady Jan 2013
I understand that if you have the SSN of the individual and birth date, that you can obtain the income for that year Social Security Adminstration's website online.

LaylaOK Jan 2013
I agree with NotHisFault. My mom established a trust last year. My brother and I are co-trustees. We all three have a copy of the trust documents. Mom's lawyer has the trust documents on file in his office. When I called last week to ask the lawyer a question about the trust, he consulted the trust documents in his office as I didn't have my documents with me at the time. So, check with the lawyer who set up the trust.

NotHisFault Jan 2013
Typically, an original of the trust documents are given to the family - and an original is kept by the law firm (for the very reason that the family may lose their original) - so the law firm you used should have an original as well that you can obtain.