First, let me say...Mom is doing great. She continues to improve every week. The therapists are all saying she is progressing very well. There is doubt she will be authorized for in-home for more than a couple more weeks....she is fast losing the status of "home bound". Her speech is improving...and there is a new device that she may get .. Paid by Medicare. This will give her a voice! Mini-talk. Check it out!

If you have followed my know that I had a major "blow out" of explosive diarrhea last Tuesday. The whole house was a total mess. This was preceded by a sleepless night because Dad was taken off the high level of Benadryl he was self medicating with. was a tough Tuesday, and the next night wasn't any better ... dad wandered around the house and making noise to keep the whole place in constant uproar. When Mom is up..I have to be up too...she is a fall risk. I hid the TV remote so that Dad couldn't blast that TV at midnight again. Still yelled about it and complained. I just ignored his demand. Mom can turn her hearing aid off. (Gee, I wish I could turn my ears off).

On Wednesday, the VA nurse was out to the house, and she agreed with me...the likely source of the diarrhea was the long standing daily use of Prilosec. It has a long history of causing these problems. So..she recommended Zantac .... But, she was very concerned with the large weight gain and the large fluid retention she was seeing...set up lab and radiology for the next morning.

The nurse called in proscriptions to the pharmacy which were picked up Thursday ... BUT..get this..Dad refused to touch the meds. Claimed the VA was taken over by some organization out to kill him (by Saturday morning this was more clearly identified as aliens). Finally. Got him to take the meds...and immediately rewarded with explosive diarrhea. This was the first treatment on we know it wasn't that. I sure hope this coming week is better....if not better...then slower.

How was your week?

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Ah Katiekate, I feel for you! Rainman had a major poop accident both Friday and Saturday - I wanted to blow my head off! Problem with Rainman is his "accidents" were most likely "on purposes" as it wasn't diahrrea - thank God - just huge poopy messes and he knows better. We got a new puppy last Monday and I think Rainman is jealous or out of routine and is acting up. So - on goes daily life, right?

Oh, man, Katiekate. Your message almost disappeared off the page before I found it. You are doing the work of 10 caregivers. I wish they could figure out what for sure is causing the explosive diarrhea. It would make life so much simpler for you.

I didn't want to let your post fade off into obscurity. It sounds like you need an army of caregivers there. We are with you in spirit.

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