So Dad is now off hospice 10 days later since I last posted. Dr. deemed him well enough to be off. Happy? Yes. Lose the comfy chair :( Why is it that when you are dying and get hospice you get all the nice comfy things but the minute you get better they want to put you on a piece of wood? Dad was on it for about 2 mos. if that after a very serious Heart attack one of many his ejection rate is down to about 5% probably but I guess his medicare doesn't care unless he is almost dead? Crazy! Just venting but love any feedback.

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It is good news, I think, that Dad is doing too well to qualify for hospice. Yay!

I'm not sure what you mean about the comfy chair. Is this something Hospice supplies, and has taken back? Is it feasible to get your dad his own comfy chair, or to get one through another program? Could his doctor order such a chair?

I know that hospice often orders hospital beds for their patients. And I know that hospice is not the only way to get a hospital bed. My mother's doctor just ordered one for her, and my mother is not remotely qualified for hospice. My mother has also gotten a recliner with a lift mechanism. (I'm not sure who paid for that, but I think it was the Elderly Waiver program she enrolled in when she applied for Medicaid.)

If Dad doesn't qualify for any of the programs that might supply a comfy chair, could you use his assets to purchase one for him? And check with Goodwill's Loaner program for medical equipment.

I agree that some of the rules of Medicare and Medicaid and any other program you can name seem absolutel crazy. I've given up wasting energy on bemoaning their craziness. I try to direct my energy to getting what my loved one needs, one way or another!

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