That was December 27, her foot doctor said she had to come back to Wisconsin with us. Well it’s healing great but my husband has a small part on the couch. She has one side and the dogs the other. Anyway it’s still healing well. I had a pancreatic attack and he even took her down. Well I was still not strong and last Thursday I don’t remember how we got down there or got back. Well I didn’t come out of my room even for something to drink, the air even hurt and my white count was going up last week but the er doctor said I am fine. I didn’t want medication I was so depleted I needed fluids. So I am not admitted and I owe $300. Anyway we got back I told my friend after calling 16 times that I just threw up on the interstate three times. Then my mom keeps asking questions and it hurts to move anything. I was a little better super bowl Sunday night. But all my friends say take it easy unless it has to do with one of them. My mom is having home health come take a look. I was so frustrated no one could do anything and I really needed to be in the hospital. I was so out of it I couldn’t make the decisions, anyway my rich friend who thinks I do too much for my mom which it’s not much she is my mom. But it’s like she wants me to do what she wants. I am finally being assertive about it. But I do have to get stronger

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Good to here from you. Sorry, ur not feeling well. Take care and hope Mom can go home soon.

Staffbull, praying that you get physically and assertively stronger.


So sorry it is still so rough for you StaffBull, but glad to hear from you and know you are hanging in there somehow. Only you can make the changes you must to preserve your health. Wishing you so much good luck and hoping it gets better for you.

Well hello again. I am really struggling with taking my mom back to her home. My husband took me to a lodge for my birthday and it’s by my mom’s. Well, it looks like home health will change her foot once a week. We came back Wednesday and I really wish we stayed another night to get things in place. Good news is her neighbor is a cna and has offered to change it every other day which is perfect and if needed take her to appointments but we will still go down and that’s a lot. One question I have is how much would you recommend to pay her. It takes like 15 minutes but She has to accept the money because we would have to pay someone else. I just don’t feel right having her down there alone but I did find some volunteers from elder helpers. But you know everyone was on my case tp take her home but it was lesd stressful having her here. I just hope i made the right decision. It is apparent to the np that she is struggling to live alone. My husband and I are like what is the next step. I can’t even go there. I don’t want her to lose her farm and have my brother really go crazy, she is still smart as a wip but she knows that she needs more help. I am all over the place and I am feeling like I just did this to make my aa friends happy. I know i have to take care of myself and it can be much easier with her here. I don’t know if I can put her in assited living. My family has never ever done that but my brother doesn’t seem to care. I am curious there too, they are not selling their house yet they’re not there all the time. I have a feeling they are waiting for her to die. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Love you all

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