You all might remember that I got mom from India where she was with friends, good food and sunshine at her senior center. I was so terrified how she cope here in winter - away from all these things - and being homebound with me....
I'm so thrilled we somehow made it to March with the help of lots of YT videos, the same books read over and over again, more

I feel so bad that we don't have any visitors dropping by (I'm social but everyones so busy with their lives and connect only on social media) but mom somehow coped with all the loneliness. Thank God this was a mild winter here!

Thank you so much for all the moral support you all offer.....big hugs to all of you....

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Wren, didn't realize u lived in NJ. If your are near the NY boarder ur feeling it. I live in SW Jersey. My County has 3 cases so far. Hospitals in the area are getting ready. This is the 12th day for lockdown. I pray that our County doesn't have a spike. Keep safe.

Thank you but I spoke too soon! This lockdown in NJ is so hard with mom around me 24/7 and struggling to keep her busy and not hover around me.

Stay healthy and safe.

wren, thank you for your happy report! Hopefully spring will be equally positive!

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