Mom did not receive her 1099 because she moved. I tried to get it from IRS. They said I needed to fill out forms, which I did. (Lovely visit and two hours spent at SS) I had to get a form from the NH saying Mom was incompetent also.
I just received a letter from SS. They put Mom's income on my social security number on the 1099! We have a joint account - I didn't need to have the money credited to me!
Obviously, the wrong form, obviously I did not want to be her SS payee. I have already filed my taxes! Now I have to go back to SS and change everything back before it all hits the fan.
This is all because when I tried to change the mailing address for her on line there were warnings about fines and prison even if you are POA that you can't get on line for someone else's account. When I called SS they told me which forms to file, NH also. What a bunch of idiots. I really don't need to spend hours at SS again!
Warning to everyone about dealing with SS!
All I wanted was to have her

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It is so frustrating. I realized that they sent me my own social security 1099 along with the payee form for her. Why they sent mine I don't understand (at first I thought they sent me hers with my social security # on it, but it isn't. I don't want to be payee so I'll go down and try to find out first what that means.
My sister went through it when her husband died - motor vehicles (which had lost the loan satisfaction form, of course) and all the rest. I'm executrix also, so I've got it all when she passes - whatever that means. At least we made arrangements a few years ago with the funeral home. Mom refused to discuss anything so we figured we should pre-plan just in case one of us was away. And its a good thing, with her just having surgery and me planning a 2 week long camping trip next month. And boy do I need to get away. It may sound bad to plan a trip, but there is just no predicting, and Mom won't notice anyway.
When my brother-in-law was dying a year ago, my sister was unable to get away to see her for months, and Mom never noticed or asked about her. So, you can imagine she doesn't know/care when we are not there since she lives in the moment. Last visit she knew I was her daughter but though I was my sister. The visits I guess are more for us than her.

AmyGrace, I know how you feel, makes you want to put on that helmet and find the nearest wall.

I am in the mist of doing change of address for a kazillion things for my Dad, including the Social Security. Dad never had any on-line accounts for anything, and I found setting up accounts on-line the easiest for me to do all the change of addresses. Dad has a bank account where I am the co-signer, but the account has only his social security number. So I had to set that up, too, for automatic deposit.

My helmet case was the Division of Motor Vehicles. Did a change of address, but what does the Commonwealth do, they put Dad's "mailing address" [which is my house] on his new driver's license [he doesn't drive but likes to have it for ID] instead of his place of residence. Oh well, when I get the energy I will dive back in and request the correct address and pay another $40 for the new license.

I wish there was a way to edit our comments!

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