We live in tornado alley. When we left Tulsa we were advised to be weather wise. Which we kinda always are this time of year. Sitting in restauarant a tornado touches down. In area our mom is in memory care there. We are used to this.

Before we placed our mom here we asked about what happens in this scenario. So, we continued to go visit her. We are okies. We are used to. We go outside when sirens sound.

We got to her memory care and she was in a safe room with her 10 neighbors. An aide by her side. Our mom is very frail now. Has weeks to live or a few months. Not many. She is on hospice. Myself and 3 relatives stayed in safe room til threat passed.

Since this facility has changed ownership we have had some issues. But lemme tell you, I was astounded by this. Job well done.

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Our mom's extremities swelling. Jaundiced. But they got this very frail woman into a safe room with an aide by her side for the duration. Attentive. And they were shocked we were there. So we saw in its,putting on airs.

Joann it is. We sang stormy weather to our mom and other residents. She did not know Who We were, but liked the song.

And then it was time for pain meds. Just a note. Asking your person if they are in pain is a different response from asking do you hurt.. Some words register. Some don't.

And hospice is a godsend.

Nice to hear some good things.

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