For those caregivers that are looking for new ways to keep things clean and fresh I found this helpful. I recently had to put a bedside commode in my mother's room.You would have thought I just put an open sewer line in her room the way she acted. Anyway I got her the cadillac of potty chairs, nice plush comfy seat, thought about sitting on it myself but I digress. I use potty liners I found on Amazon that have a pad at the bottom that helps with odor, and helps to solidify the liquid waste. However, my mother Is on a diuretic so this pad needs a little help so I have been using CAT LITTER and it works great. I just put enough in the bag so that the bottom is covered and have found there is no odor and when I change the bag all liquid waste is now solid. I told my mother I was using only the most expensive cat litter for her, she actually found this funny. These potty liners are about $1.00 apiece and I use one a day. For those of us that don't look forward to potty chair duty this has been a life saver.

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Could also try buying a holmes air purifier with yellow odor eliminating filters. These work quite well. Your can turn up the setting briefly when you have a bad odor then leave it on a lower setting once you have the odor under control. The cost of the air purifier machine is between $25 -$70. The less expensive one would a small unit for a small space. The more expensive one would be for a larger room (or you could use the large room model in a smaller room for more powerful odor elimination). The filters cost between $10-$18, depending on which machine. A filter should last 2-4 months depending on which machine. The larger machines use 2 filters.

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