My father recently had colon surgery and has lost a lot of weight. With the weight loss, he also lost most of his strength. The problem is he doesn't have much of an appetite so he isn't consuming enough calories and is a picky eater. I can't get him to drink boost or ensure to supplement his calories. Any ideas for how to hide nutritional supplement in his food unknowingly?

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My husband hated Boost and Ensure, but if I put them in a blender with ice cream he liked the resulting milk shake just fine. I also made him milkshakes with ice cream, milk, a Carnation Breakfast packet, and sometimes fruit. Chocolate Carnation, a banana, and peanut butter was a nice combination. Or Vanilla Carnation (or Boost, etc.) with canned peaches.

He liked ginger ale so I kept him supplied with that all day instead of water -- more calories! Also popsicles provide both liquid and calories and he'd eat several a day.

If you can get his strength up a little his appetite may improve, too.

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