I placed my mom into a nursing home yesterday after a 2 week stay in the hospital. She in unable to walk or even stand, because she is so weak and de-conditioned. The facility is across the streety from my house. I thought that I could keep a better eye on her this way, also I am able to tak e her home during he day for up to 4 hours. I went ot dinner last night and stopped by to see how she was after . I found her in bed with a hospital gown on top of her pj's and they had put a diaper on her. I was livid! also they were checking her o2 sats ( which were very low). I noticed that the hose was disconnected to the oxygen machine. I was so pissed!!!!! Also when I brought her in the nurse told me to bring her meds in. I thought that that was strange in itself. Wanna bet my mom won't be ther for 2 weeks?

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Peewee: If you got to Medicare. gov, there is a pull down menu at the top of the page called Resource Locator, click on that and then go down to "Nursing Home Compare". You can put in your zip code and a mile radius and it will give you a rating on NH in your area. Medicare inspects them annually and they are rated overall and in various categories on a 1 to 5 scale rating....1 being the lowest. You can read about aid staffing, any complaints, etc. etc. Very informative.

Peewee, I send you messages, but you seldom respond. My heart is with you and so are my prayers. Love, Cattails.

I'm sorry you are having a bad experience at the NH. You mentioned your mother was so weak she was unable to walk or stand; so they probably used the diaper so that she would not have an accident do to the weakness she is experiencing. Better to be proactive in this situation.

Strange that the nurse asked you to bring her meds in as it has been my experience at any health facility that absolutely no meds are to be brought into the facility - strictly against the rules. But, as Jeanne said - not all NH are awful. So, in the event your Mother might have the need to be in one at another time; you can be researching other facilities meanwhile.

peeweedeb, is she there as a nursing home resident, or as a rehab patient? That is, is she in a Transitional Care Unit?

I don't mean to defend the facility, but just to offer a little perspective. Not having the hose connected to the oxygen machine was dreadful! But by monitoring her stats they should be able to catch and fix that. It is possible you happened to drop in 10 minutes before they were scheduled to check her.

Putting incontinence briefs on her might have been inappropriate and for their convenience. But it could also be a temporary measure while she is so weak and deconditioned. Persumably that is what they are working on in the daytime, but they aren't going to have physical therapists there to help her in the middle of the night.

It takes a week or more for all staff on all shifts to get acquainted with what a new resident needs and likes. The first few days may not be a perfect indicator of what things are like as they settle into a routine.

Some nursing homes are awful. In the event that your mother now or in the future requires the level of care they provide, take comfort from the fact that not all nursing homes are awful, and even the one she is in now may not be quite as awful as it appears at first glance.

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