How does this go on?
Do you know how much a nurcing home gets paid by Medicaid to room,care for a elderly?$4,700 per month.
Do you know how much a nurcing home charges full pay?$8,000 plus.
These nurcing homes over charge the elderly to drain their assets just so they all will apply or need Medicaid.The hidden price tags is another story.
Nurcing homes throw blaim towards Medicaid as reason why they drain elderly pockets.Only if everyone knew the truth.It's funny how a nurcing home will be willing to accept Medicaid pay and then charge twice that much in turn for full pay.As giving Medicaid a break or what I don't see it.
Have you thought of your retirement when it's time?How much cash do you have saved?Do you think you have enough to get bye when it's time for your nurcing home?Millions I hope.
The thought of living in your home till you die is not a option or part of the American Dream anymore.Giving your home and savings to a nurcing home is in this era.Reguardless,nurcing homes get paid either by full pay by the elderly or by Medicaid.By all means avoid nurcing homes............The venting thought.

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Dogabone, some of us just can't do the 24/7 care, please forgive us. Do the math and see that $8000 a month is $11.11 an hour for care, meals etc. Ok let's subtract $5 per meal or $450 a month. Now it's only $10.48 an hour for an RN and aides. I can't do this any cheaper at home.
Now, the nursing home won't take YOUR house. But Medicaid will put a lien on HER house, because they pay for her care. No inheritance, sorry. Just remember, nothing is YOURS until the Will is read.

Try not to paint all nursing homes with the same brush, please.

Cost of quality care to be at home for 3 shifts of certified Caregivers is also costly, but worth every penny. One could save money by doing all the caregiving themselves, but having one person working 24 hours a day for 7 days a week is extremely stressing and exhausting... that is why 1 out of 3 Caregivers dies leaving behind their parents/spouse/sibling whom they were caring.

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