Now that I have my mom staying with me the problem is a needy - verging on psycho neighbor....Help.

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Yes I know that - I am venting because she is the "poor me" type. If we are going somewhere she waits outside and attachs herself to my mom - literally. She is an "artist", probably around 60 years old and is between boyfriends, but is too sensitive to work at a traditional job, so it is frustrating to try to keep boundaries without being unkind. I've been very nice and generous in the past with invitations, food, but it seems to have been a mistake. If you don't pick up on her all about me 'hints" then she snaps and yells at you - this is on the sidewalk in front of our homes. Later she pretends nothing happened, but tells everyone that she is being picked on.

Today was a bad day for me. I am looking for some support because the only way I know of to deal with a non-aware manipulator is to avoid them nicely, but the stress is building. Crazymaker 101. Help

You have enough to deal with let the neighbors family take care of her and thats the best advice I can give you