I've been taking care of my 95-year old mother who has some dementia. Read some things about sugar and also gluten and dementia and we pretty much found out these are culprits in the diet which have made very difficult days dealing with my mom and has made her dementia worse.

Even natural maple syrup on pancakes (double trouble) caused issues. Even the smallest amount of sugar in a dessert - like a lefsa thing was an issue. So we totally cleared out the sugar, don't feed breads, - am pretty much doing an antifungal diet - which is anti-sugar also and found it is working out very well. Supplements include a quality Omega 3-s (DHA and EPA), and an EPA supplement as well have really made a difference. It took about 5 days to clear out the sugar damage.

Now we have had 3 days in a row where:
1) she wasn't begging to go home
2) remembered things from day to day
3) was kind and considerate
4) was not emotional and ill-fated in thinking
5) she could smile and laugh
6) she was "with it" and here and aware
7) she could make conversation
8) talk about present and past things

And the biggest thing of all - is that this has made my life sane and now when my mother is this way (more on the normal side) she is doable in care and loving and I don't feel feed up and frustrated and I don't feel like I'm hitting my head against a wall.

I see improvement in her health and brain and her stability. It is simply AMAZING.

So no chocolate, no candy, no dessert, no sweets, and no alcohol - wine or beer. Just good stuff and we eat organic also. It makes a difference.

Anyone with a positive experience like this or have noticed a difference with different foods?

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Hello my mom is 91 my dad is 87. They both just move in with me here in Texas. My mom feels that she has made it this far as a diabetic that she should be able to eat anything. She has dementia which has made her meaner than ever. She was in an assisted living home in Colorado but they let her eat anything and she gained at least 30 pounds. She has also been put on some medication that helps her sleep and one for her agitation. It seems that she is gaining weight but now she's having problems walking to the bathroom and she cant get up. What can I get to make her realize she needs exercise? My dad is going deaf and gives her basically everything she wants. How can I get him to work with me. I need to get back to work but can't find a home health that she can afford. Can I also get paid for taking care of my parents here in Texas? Any suggestions for any of my problems will be appreciated.

Wow, this is interesting. Food for though [sorry for the pun].

I know my Dad is trying to lower the amount of wheat he is eating because he read somewhere that less wheat will lessen his arthritis pain, and so far he is having less pain.... then again I don't know if it is mind over matter. It will be interesting to see if his memory improves.

In fact, I will start tomorrow keeping my hands out of the bowl of chocolate truffles that my boss has on my desk, and here at home.... it won't be easy, but I will be curious to see if my foggy brain clears up.... I know it will take a couple of weeks to notice anything.

People with diabetes have another problem. If blood sugar goes low too often it can perhaps lead to metabolic dementia. My mother's dementia is worse when her sugar is low. Sometimes I wonder if repeat hypoglycemic episodes in the past contributed to her present dementia.

I think there is much truth to "Grain Brain." Some people have taken it to extremes with a meat & egg diet, neglecting the vegetables that have historically made up the bulk of human diets. I don't think this is healthy, either. I wouldn't be surprised if ultimately they find our ancestors' 90% plant 10% animal is the best way to eat. Of course, someone would have to break down categories within the plant & animal super-categories.

Hi Kazzaa,

I understand how you feel. Diet isn't fool-proof for dementia, but sure seems to help the situation in a positive way. My mother lives with us and isn't able to stand and cook or go out and get things. So we can help control diet. She asks for crackers, bread, and cookies, but I tell her we don't have that kind of stuff here.

The "Brain Grain" sounds like an interesting book.

There's a great website about health in general and how fungus can take away health: knowthecause

It changed my whole life. We've been following the diet since 2010. It's been instrumental.

The best to you Kazzaa!

youre spot on with this diet my mum has vascular and diabetes and yes when she eats too much crap shes a bitch when i try to give her healthy food ie no sugar or wheat shes semi normal! problem is she will go behind my back and eat things but this should get easier as she becomes more passive? i threw out all the wheatflour then she sneaked it all back in again and if im out shell cook scones? what do you do? she does what she wants but she has at least one healthy meal a day with lots of green veg!
Im reading a book"brain grain" and he relates sugar and wheat to dementia also i truly believe this is why its on the increase! i am wheat and dairy intolerant so i know i feel more "alert" when i avoid these foods they say we should all eat more fat and less bad carbs!

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