I want to share my intro. I think that most people who enter into the nursing profession, do so, because they find their calling. Helping people, assist the doctors, feel that they have what it takes. Well it takes more than the capacity they have to do so. Or maybe some just get drained. Understandable. To A Point! Skills, patience, be kind, listen before you speak, be honest (if you can), and most important "Compassion." For the patient AND the family members!
I just wanted to get this out there. I have seen plenty and heard more from family members. We were lucky. Bob's nurses from all the hospitals that cared for him were Angels. Of course, he was a good patient. BUT when you're older, scared, confused or just want to go home, that list goes out the door. I think for most of these reasons, I have found my calling. Elder Care. At the moment, it is "In Home Hospice Assistant". There are nurses that are deserving of wings and halos, and there are those who should be stripped of both. Elder Abuse is up there with Animal Cruelty and Child abuse! That's just my opinion.

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I'll never forget the advise I got from one of my nursing school teachers; "When you don't enjoy nursing anymore-get out. You'll be no good to anyone."

39 years later, I'm still enjoying it. Thanks Mrs. Randall.

(However I'm looking forward to retiring in 4 years so I can focus on me!)

A caring nurse makes all the difference. My dad had one horrible nurse that barked at him while he was dying to sit up. He couldn't breath. And yet we had another gentler, kinder nurse that was good to him. I wish everyone could be as kind as she was.

It is true what you said Cdominguez. One night when my Mom was in palliative care her last week of life I spent the night in the hospital with her. There was this one really sweet, caring nurse who sat with me now and then throughout the night while I talked about my Mom's life and how important she was to me. This nurse had such a tranquil, peaceful presence about her. She was young and I said something about how not all people in her profession were like that and that maybe they had become embittered and jaded with their job. She answered "If I ever become like that I won't do it anymore" Who knows. Maybe being a Doctor or a nurse should not always become a lifetime profession.

Dang. I'll pick it up later...

Thank you polarbear. I was not sure how this would work out. She was a very close friend of the family. Long story short, we were introduced. She wanted NOTHING to do with me. But her daughter needed to get back to work. We became close fast. It was hard not to like this strong willed, stubborn, crazy beautiful soul. She slowly began to trust me. I learned my capabilities fast! Cancer, stage 4, non operative, hospice. Thruought her life, she was a health nut. Club member, palloties, eat fresh and smart. Etc... Light as a feather.
I changed that. She loved my cooking. There were no restrictions on her diet.
Things got worse. As expected, so i learned as we went. I have changed diapers before, but never for an adult. I assured her that i would get better. Afterall, it was a 1st for us both. I would talk us thru the process as we went. Ehen dimentia kicked in, it became challenging. More patience, constant calming, and reassurance for us both, to get things done.
Wow, I just now realized that i wrote,
A "Long Story Short" a while ago!
I will continue within in this

Many people, me included, can not do what you do. So, it is a blessing that there are caring people like you. Thank you.

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