I haven't posted in a while. Not much has changed. Dad is getting stronger after his bout with sepsis and then the aortic aneurysm but he will never be where he was. My folks are still in la la land.... talking about re-opening their business and Dad driving again (never going to happen). My poor brother is at his wits end trying to help them juggle finances even, they are still making terrible decisions and won't listen to any of his suggestions. My sister is still harassing Dads medical team and treating them like they are idiots even though he is being given excellent care. And me...I'm trying to keep my cool, help out where I can and NOT get involved in the things I can do nothing about. It's getting easier, I think. This is the new reality, it is what it is. I don't project ahead to imagined crises like I was doing. Today things are calm. I'm going to try and be grateful for today. I'll deal with what is to come when it gets here.

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Captain, it sounds like you went down a long hard road caring for your Mom. I admire your dedication and willingness to educate yourself about her condition. I agree, this site is a godsend I have learned so much in the few months I have been here. I appreciate all of the members for sharing their knowledge and experiences and for the support. Thank you for responding :)

you sound very balanced and intelligent . medicine is so complicated that i think anyone who questions docs other than for the purpose of clarifying instructions, makes an a** of themselves promptly .
my mom returned home from hospital 2 yrs ago with a prognosis of 6 months to live and late stage dementia . hospice was sent along and i had everything to learn , intending to be her in home carer . online reading was the difference between failing miserably and rising to the occasion . when things got real in her last 3 months of life i had read so much about dementia that i was unfazed when she accused me of stealing , trying to kill her and being an imposter . ditto the constant visual hallucinations and delusional reasoning . i understood when she stopped eating and lastly drinking that she had days to live .
being well read took much of the uncertainty and duress out of the process and gave me the empathy and patience that was required . this site was quite helpful . only recently im realizing that i followed the links and read almost every agingcare article written to date -- at least the ones that pertained to our set of circumstances .

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