My hubby, whois 77, had 2 episodes of forgetfulness. Thought our dog was one he had yrs ago. I think his sugar level is high. He has grandson and great grandkids long distance. We only see once a yr or 2. He said he met the last grandson already. I said no, he swore he was right. Finally he realized he was wrong. Should I be worried? Everything else perfectly normal.

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Mom;had it,and lived with us.So,I do know some of the signs

He,takes meds for diabetes.He,was very weak,for days.I,made him soup,then that's when he said dogs name wrong.I,also can say things wrong. He,also went through a stop sign.(one,coming out of parking lot)he,said No one was coming anyway.He,pays all the bills on time.I,depend on him for driving.I,can but,iam leary.Nephew,said he see's him driving abit reckless.I,will keep an eye out.He,plays cards,here great! TKS for response

I would be mildly worried but I wouldn't start freaking out just yet. The reason I say this is I'm only 56 and like everyone, have what I call stupid moments, like putting the kettle in the fridge and sit there wondering why the kettle hasn't started whistling or searching for my cell phone while I'm speaking on it. You know. But if you are worried it couldn't hurt to get a neurological exam.

You say you think his blood sugar is high. Does he have diabetes? Hypoglycemia or Hyperglycemia can cause strange reactions in people. There are people more knowledgeable than me who will probably give you better answers.

I would take him in to see the Doc. Better safe than sorry.

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