Just last September.. My mother was having financial difficulties..trouble paying rent power and food.. Got to the point she would end up staying at our place (single parent of 1child) ..out of the goodness of my heart wr decided to move in with her and help with all the required costs.. Things were fine for a little while.. Sure we would have our up and downs.. And quote my mum is 64 this year and alive and kicking but with no full time job.. My daughter is 14 and has tried to get along with her but once she's had a couple of wines.. She starts to get loud grumpy because no one is making conversation and finally the abusive language and nastiness starts.. Mostly pointed at my daughter.. Name calling is by no means acceptable and I'm having to intervene the both of them.. Thr next day it's as though nothing has happened.. I feel sorry for my daughter.. If an argument comes up I'm having to protect her from my mother's shit. There is no love and respect for any one right now. I thought moving in was a good idea.. For all of us.. Save some money for me and my daughter to move to Australia..but that hasnt happened at all. Tired and drained.. Have to find our own place again. I don't think that would work as mum will end up back with us anyway. Not getting anywhere.

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Your daughter is your number one responsibility and then your own health and wellbeing.

If you feel you must live with Mom, I would recommend family counseling for everyone both as a group and also on individual basis. This is no way to live! Good luck.

In addition to the above, introduce your mom to an organization called Moderation Management. It might help her with her drinking problem.

you MUST protect your daughter in this situation. Otherwise, she'll seek love and affirmation elsewhere.

There is Long Term Care programs that she would qualify for. That would help her pay for assisted living. Also she could go to an Assisted Living facility for the day...Call your Elder Help line in your state. Talk to her doctor about behavior issues. Your Mother just might be bored.

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