i wrote not long ago about my mother. and wanted to update those who cared to answer me. we wound up putting mom in assisted living sooner than we expected to as she did what we were worried about,. while at the doctors getting chest xrays she fell leaving the building. taking my sister down with her. we found out after being at the hospital for 12 hrs (not fun with a dementia patient by no means) we found out mom had broken her collar bone. Luckily we had already put a down payment on her nh apt. so we were able to get her into it. we had worried so how we were going to get her in with out a fight and the fall helped. thank God for his help. Her geriatic doctor expects mom to progress faster in the disease now. she had been taking Namenda for dementia but it no longer works. so expensive to work so short a time. Mom has suddenly not recognigized my siblings who were sitting next to her. I went away for a few days to rest and she told them she knew i had been in an accident and was dead. (confusing me with my daughter who had been in an accident 18 yrs ago and passed away) so now as mom is in the final stages of alshemiers it is just a day to day thing. we are to only see her for short periods a day so she can acclamate to the nh and staff. then they told us it would be better if we only go durning the times that she doesnt have anything planned. they have different events planned for every day to keep them occupied. she has met a couple of other ladies that she eats every meal with that she gets along with so it has really been a plus that she is in assisted living. i was also allowed to have a few days vacation. and be able to relax knowing she is taken care of. only my 2nd vacation in 7 yrs. but the hard part is coming. when she gets violent or forgets who we are completely. as always it is very sad

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Thank you for sharing. It sounds like Mother is in the best place for her at this time.

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