Dad is 88 years old with Alzheimers. Need to purchase a home for him and mom to move in with me so I can care for them. Looking for grants or information on how to purchase a home to help care for my parents and my children. Lower interest rates or funding would be extremely helpful.

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Amity - There are no programs to 'give" you a home or funds to purchase a home so that you may care for elderly parents. If you want to combine households, I suggest that you talk with your local office of Housing and Urban Development to see if they have any rental programs or home buyer programs that might work for you. They should be able to give you information for FHA - Federal Housing Administration - loans. Be sure to tell them your parents are over 65 and include any disabilities like blindness, etc.

Keep in mind that if your parents live with YOU - and you provide more than 50% of their annual support, you can deduct them from your taxes just like a dependent child. If you add up a percentage of all your costs - rent, utilities, sewer/water/garbage, phone - then add in mileage (at .45 cents) to doctors, pharmacies, entertainment for them - all kinds of things, it will easily add up to 50%. i suggest that you speak with a tax specialist to understand exactly what constitutes "support" so that you get it right in case you're ever audited. Regarding taxes, you should also see if you qualify for any tax breaks given your wages and number of dependents. Sometimes you can end up getting ALL your taxes back and then some.

Best of luck.

There is an alzheimer facility across the street from hoag hospital, there are no grants to give you a free home, using your maybe parents to get a house is so wrong but typical of some types, get welfare to give you the $11 an hour to care for your dad in your apartment if you really care so much

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