Because all the advice I am getting I don't follow through on. Now I will say that what my sister wants ain't going to happen and that is put Mom in a nursing home. I can't do that at this point and time, but I know it may come to that later. We have caregivers that allow me to work, but when something happens (i.e. they don't tell me Mom is out of bread, ice, etc) and I complain, I get the feeling that my family doesn't always back me up. My sister thinks I should hire an agency versus private caregivers but the cost difference is huge!

I am just feeling a bit overwhelmed right now. Huge project at work with a deadline but they won't tell me what it is right now...said I don't want to know!!

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Jeanne, you are spot on. I shouldn't expect her to be sympathetic. She keeps telling me she is proud of me, etc, but if the roles were reversed Mom would be in a nursing home. I will continue to vent here and to a great friend who understands.

I think you should stop complaining to that sister. Vent here. Talk to a good friend. But it doesn't make sense to air your grievances to someone who thinks you shouldn't be doing this in the first place. Why would you expect her to be sympathetic?

I sincerely understand your struggle SavingGranny, you're not alone. May I suggest using an app called CareZone which allows caregivers and family members to communicate on the same platform.

The app allows you to share information with other trusted individuals, it has a calendar so appointments or other important dates can me marked. It has a journal for note keeping, which every caregiver should do at the end of the shift to communicate any concerns. It has a To-Do List, you may take photos or upload any files. It even keeps track of medication notifying you when its time to take a certain medication.

Thank You! :)

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