No response from my Dad.


My dad has Parkinson's and has been back in hospital 5 days following a fall
He had deteriorated terribly
No speech, bad hallucinations, no reality and no recollection of his family
Why? It breaks my hear

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Thank you for your comments, I am seeing a concusltant this morning so will discuss the options and try to get him home soon

i hate to agree with anyone , but freq has a great point . once back in their home , a patient will re - assert their level of control immediately . theres a good chance your loved one was drugged into compliance at the hospital too . medical money is so tight that hospitals wont fuss around with a non compliant patient . theyll knock their d*ck stiff instead ..

So sorry about Dad. If he is on painkillers for injuries, he will not be very alert.
Parkinson's in its final stages does attack the brain, the nerves that transmit information break down and fail to work properly. Hopefully you know what his wishes are regarding his care. Talk to the Social Worker and the Discharge Coordinator about what to expect. If your Dad has a Will with Advanced Directives, find it and read the AD part.

Brownie, both my parents had been in the ER and hospital due to separate falls, and I read that 90% of elders will get delirium, thus become real confused and not know where they are and who you are.

Remember, your Dad is in some place not familiar, with a vary of different people coming in and out of his room, strange noises from the machines and from out in the hallways, the food taste different, etc. And probably on meds to keep him calm.

Thus, once Dad is back to his home after 48 hours after leaving the hospital you should start to see Dad get back to his old self, unless it was a serious injury with the fall that might cause complications.

My Dad thought he was staying in a hotel and wanted me to take him to the front desk to pay the bill.... once back home couple days later when I told Dad what he had said, he didn't remember it, but laughed about it.

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