Hello All,

I first want to thank everyone for the support and recognition of my last post. It means a lot to me.

My Daddy,
Has had a rough couple of days. He is took a minor fall yesterday morning, he has been checked over, nothing broken. He is just shook up.

He has had to double his breathing treatments the past couple of days.
He is still wheezing a lot, and when he takes a breath, It sounds like he is kind of gargling slightly.

Still throwing up 1-2 meals a day. We have been trying smaller portions, we have given him food that is easier on the digestive tract. :'(
Still no positive progress.

We are doing everything we can for him.
He continues to express how much I mean to him, How much He loves me, and that he is so very proud. He Said "I Love you" to me 4 times before I got off the phone with my mother tonight. I love hearing it, but I can hear the need for having to get his point across, before disconnecting the phone.
Telling me to never forget.

I always tell my daddy, that I love him so much!
But, now I add things that I honestly want him to always know as well...

Daddy, You are my hero!
Daddy, I am proud to be your baby girl, and I would never change that!
Daddy, I am proud of you for everything you have done with your life.
Daddy, Thank you for raising me to take care of myself and my family.
Daddy, Thank you for teaching me to take up for myself.
Daddy, Thank you for being... My Daddy.
Daddy.... I love you so much.

I am trying to brace myself.... I really am.

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Dear "Ballen1012,"

We haven't heard anything for quite awhile and I can only hope you're all doing ok and hanging in there.

You're still in my thoughts and prayers!


Great big warm hug!

Dear "Ballen1012,"

I think it's been about a week now since hearing from you - anything new? How are you and your dad doing? (mom too as I know it's hard on her and she's not doing too well herself).

Just letting you know I haven't forgotten you!

Continued prayers and hugs!

Ballen1012, regarding your Dad not keeping his food down, next time he has a meal check and see how he eats. It could be a case where he is eating too fast.

Could also be acid reflux, for myself I found eating one or two Tums before a meal helps, but check first with your Dad's doctor.

Thanks for the update. Sorry that you are struggling with this. It’s hard.

Take care.

Dear "Ballen1012,"

Thank you for giving us the update - I was almost afraid to read it.

I'm so sorry that things are not any better and I know you and your mom are doing your best to try different things in order to help him. I feel bad that he took a fall yesterday morning but, am so glad he wasn't seriously hurt.

I'm glad you are expressing all the feelings you have for him even more so now.

You are a strong young lady and your faith is what is sustaining you now and it will sustain you in the days ahead.

I continue to have you and your family in my thoughts and prayers!


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