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25840 Comments glad you are going to live.....couldn't be without you!!!!!!

I told my daughter-in-law today that so far the bunnies haven't gotten our peas only because they don't know those from the weeds.....:) Told my granddaughters to go pick some strawberries......there were tons, those 2 little girls are going to be full of strawberries.

Hubby is getting very frustrated with his mother. He was telling me a bunch of things she was saying and it's like how do I tell him this isn't new information I'm hearing? I just keep my mouth shut until I am asked to intervene. About an hour ago I had to go down and sweep up the cheese popcorn all over the counters, the kitchen floor, the living room carpet. She ate almost a full bag of the stuff and I'm talking BIG wonder she isn't hungry for supper. Went to the bathroom to empty her "diaper" pail and she had pulled out the liner and was stuffing her wet pants down into nothing. So I had wet didies all over the floor...ewwwwww. Told me she would want food in 15 min....went down to cook her dinner, nope not hungry. Something tells me she will get hungry about 10 and it will be okay if I can catch her before she goes after the popcorn again. So I'm tired again....would try to take another nap, but I just betcha I would hear the beep beep beep of the intercom again.

Love and Hugz,
Hello guys... I'll try to follow both threads!
yes rossella . me too . it just sucks . makin me all depressed . i think im going to withdrawn this AC , i get attached to everybody and it hurts me to see them split up and goes to diffrent directions . it just sucks xoxo
Linda, please don't leave us, on either thread. We all love you so much. And I love to read your posts and would worry about you and Pa.I'm sorry if things have upset you. None of it had anything to do with you and we are still all hear, loving and supporting you and Pa.... one thing I know for sure is everyone loves YOU!!!!! hugs across the miles my friend...
Good Morning everyone.....A thoughtful Memorial Day to you.....Please say an extra prayer today for all those actively serving in the military and their families.... they all have a my nephew who is somewhere...we never know where ....and his wife in the Seattle area pregnant for the first time with twins...... and for those who served before......

Rosella and Linda....Welcome....good to hear from you.....bless your hearts, you sweet ladies....

Rosella, We never seem to be online at the same time, but I want you to know I have briefly visited your country in the late 1970's. We only went to Venice and the Mediterranean Coast. Hubby and I drove to a US military base to get some supplies, but I never made it to Rome. I studied Latin in high school and would have loved to visit that City. Instead I got 4 hrs in Venice. My in-laws were with us and my FIL did not like being a tourist. My then 16 yo brother-in-law only wanted the beaches. What a wasted opportunity........but there was never enough time to do all we wanted to....

Linda, I hope Pa is feeling better. I know he is sleeping a lot, so is mom, but she seems good so far today. Almost time for his breakfast this morning? That is my mom's favorite meal.....always the same thing, too...... I hope you are taking care of your back...I think of you when I get back are such a sweetheart for what you do, but you just go on cause you love Pa so much. We understand your kind and loving heart.

Some of you have been up late, but I took advantage of help and slept for 6 hrs in a row...whoopee !!! Ready to face the world today. Hubby will be home from work soon and all will be well.........

Rosella and Linda......woohoo!!! I was so surprised to get on and see you here. Hope Mother and Pa are doing alright today.

Good Morning to All! And I wish everyone a happy and peaceful Memorial Day as well as those serving our country. Also a peaceful day to those who have suffered through the recent terrible storms......we were spared from the last one, tornado didn't touch down, but my lifelong friend was in the one that went through Sedalia, MO last week and thank goodness they were well protected.

seeme....I'm glad you are feeling better today. I had about 7 hrs but woke up still tired. Trying to convince Target to buy a new mattress....:)

ladee-----GOOD LUCK to you today!!!!!! Please let us know how things go. Didn't hear from you last night so thought maybe you were getting a good nights sleep.

I went down to fix dinner finally for the col and she decided that she had drank a protein drink and she was ready to go to bed. Well okay then, off we go. She was dry!!!! But undies on backwards as usual, so had to turn those around. Brushed her teeth, didn't spit, didn't rinse....thought I had grown 2 heads when I told her to rinse her mouth out. Wouldn't let her take her mascara to bed with her...I'm sure I will hear about that today. Took her dirty clothes to wash so that I can throw away those darn jeans she wore yesterday. Size 16, she wears a 10 but I buy 12 to give her "diaper" room. I tried several times yesterday to get them off of her, but nope she wasn't having any part of that. Guess we will see what today brings.

Love and Hugz
Seme, if you have seen Venice, you have seen the most beautiful town in Italy!
You have plenty of time to see the rest.
I am here because, like Linda, I am sorry to see people go somewhere else. So I follow (and I keep one foot where we all belonged). I think it's always the same problem: misunderstandings... I think we all are good people, everyone has his nature. Sometimes the natures crash against each other, but if you keep an open minded attitude, all the problems can be solved... among good people.
Got to go and recover my mother where she is...
I am hoping everyone has a blessed and safe holiday today. When we say our prayers over our lunch or late afternoon meals, let's don't forget to add all our guy and gals that are doing the work for us to be free.
Hugs across the miles to everyone... love
If UTI's are a common problem for your loved one, might I suggest learning to use a catheter? The last specimen I took in was contaminated, and it worked out great because the contamination was the cause of the problem, but if it is difficult to catch the stream, a simple in and out might help to find trouble earlier. The nurse in the urologist's office taught me in a few minutes, but the area was well defined. Just a thought.......and I wouldn't mind hearing other opinions on the subject. It just seems like UTI's are so dangerous !!!
Hey everybody, tried to post and introduce myself yesterday and today and lost em. Both. Busy holiday weekend. I'm pretty good the last few days have been not bad. Seems we are in a decent mood. When we are not some how I am having the coping ability to deal with proabably cause I have been to busy to g

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