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WASYLIVNA, the frustration is horrible! I know what you mean about the 24/7 cleaning and doing... Can your doctor get you on home health or hospice care? When dad was in such bad shape it really made a difference. And hospice doesn't mean that your mom is at deaths door. They will come and check her and help her to getnon right meds as well as a some to help bath her. Hospice even has folks that come visit to give you a little respite. Not trying to fix things but My situation is similar. Although now dad is well enough to not have those programs...wish they were still here. I have a sibling who lives away. When I suggest that I need a break he say soon...ha! I guess he doesn't get the hint. If there is anyway to confront your sibling do it for your sanity.
God bless you! I will keep you in my prayers...sometimes I feel so lonely and lost when I think about it. My friends call on occasion...say come see me...but when? Can't leave. Oh well. Keep writing, I find it help me to vent.
Wasylivna, you have your hands full and horrible financial stress on top of that. I am happy you came to this thread and you just keep coming back and telling us how you feel. There is a collective experience on this sight, and if we can't help we will try to direct you to someone who can.. you are doing a great job holding things together. I admire your strength and commitment... glad you are here
As vic said maybe your Dr. can help you get home health or hospice. You are in my prayers.. hugs to you..
We -- the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde inside of me -- are doing fine. Brain a little scrambled today, but other than that things are peachy.
Hi ed......glad to see you post here. Your experience and knowledge of resources could certainly help some that have come here. I'm hoping that bright light I see shining in our Midwest sky will help unscramble me today! is a very difficult thing to have questions fired at you constantly, especially when the same ones are asked over and over and over. You would think at some point an answer would stick, but unfortunately it rarely does. Can you give us a little more information so that we might be able to put our heads together and come up with some ideas for you? I imagine you feel like you are up against a brick wall with both sides of the family giving you a hard time. Do you also have an outside job on top of everything else? Come back and visit and let's see what we can help you with.

was.....feel free to come here and have your mini meltdowns...sounds like you have your hands full. It looks like your mother's doctor is working with you to see that she has the proper care; would he also refer hospice to you so that you can get some help? They do other than "end of life" services so this might be something to look into. I assume your mother has Medicare, does she have part D, to take care of her prescriptions? Someone with experience in that category would be the best one to give you information on that. My mil has a separate Blue Cross policy that came with her retirement as a Federal Employee so all her needs are met that way. How about a Wal-Mart near you and their $4 prescription plan? You all should have your medications. Also, some of the drug manufacturers have programs to assist when someone is unable to get their meds. That might be something to think about.

If your brother doesn't want to help with the yard work, would he consider paying a neighborhood kid to do it? How about the next time he comes to visit, give him a list of items you need him to get from the store, maybe he might see that the lesser of the 2 is to sit with mom while you get out for a while. Or you just might get your errands done for you! Just a thought.

Please come back and visit with us....sometimes it just helps to know you have a little cheering section out here for you. Takes your mind off of things, if only for a few minutes, before you get back into the "trench".

Hi Ed, or should I say Hi "guys". So glad to see you here. Like Jam said, you have some experience that we need here.. and all of our brains are scrambled, maybe that is why we understand each other so well, when others don't.. hugs to you and come back..
Please forgive me for whining, but I am so tired today I may have to put myself in time out. I almost feel sick. Help comes tonight and tomorrow i will be better. I will try to stay caught up, but I am drowning in zzzzzzzzz..................
This is the place to whine.. hope you get some good sleep.... hugs
Ok are in time out but best to wait until tonight to start it. I did that myself last night....a little better today. Although I have already been through....the talking dog doesn't want to go potty...I haven't had my morning pills...YES YOU HAVE...I don't remember taking them..:)....YOU REALLY SHOULDN'T FEED THE DOG A CHEESEBURGER....but he's so cute....THE VET SAID HE CAN'T HAVE PEOPLE FOOD.....but he's so cute........she could at least have waited until I had my first cup of coffee. She's clean, dry, eating breakfast and reading the Sunday paper in the air conditioning. And oblivious to the world except for what's on CNN at the moment.

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