On, in the Health section. Interesting. Requires motivation and money, but nice to hear that some folks are thinking ahead -- productively.

Reader comments add some different perspectives. Quite a cross-section. Or as my late mother was fond of saying, "It takes all kinds."

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If one plans to stay in their home like forever, start doing the remodeling long before it is needed. That way it is already there when the time comes.  Like take out that bathtub and put in a walk-in shower.  Get the higher toilet seats.  Etc.

Yes, it is nice to age in place, if it is reasonable. And it takes $$$ as professional caregivers will be needed eventually and the monthly cost could be out of reach budget wise.

For myself, I rather sell my current home and move into a 55+ type environment where all that work has already been done. Then if I need more help then a spouse or grown child can handle, move to the Assisted Living section of the community. Yes, expensive, but cheaper than 24/7 professional caregivers unless one has the money.

I can imagine some of the responses are about "ruining" homes with ugly institutional modifications. What people fail to realize is that done with thoughtful planning universal design can make a home better both aesthetically and functionally. The modern trend of tearing down walls and having an open concept is more walker and wheelchair friendly, and who wouldn't like a modern spa style wet room? Grab gars don't have to be bolted on afterthoughts in industrial chrome but come in designer colours and can be so discrete they aren't even noticed. But to do it right definitely requires money, as well as a builder willing to think outside the box.

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